Durus dev, sed dev

Material keylines

Android app

An Android application to display an overlay of Material design's keylines: 8dp grid, increments, content keylines, typography lines.

Material values

Android library

A library defining all material design values as Android resources. Colors, typography and components related values are available.


Android app - Work in progress

An Android application to manage collections of numbered items. The UX is atrocious right now, but it will get better.


Android library - On hold

An Android library for a spaced-repetition system. The aim is to provide a SRS independent from the type of data to learn.


Android app - On hold

An Android application to learn Morse code and play with it. It will integrate Haiku when the library is ready.


Game - School project

A simple tunnel runner game, made by 5 students (only 2 working full time) in a week.

Complemental doors

Tiny game - Ludum Dare 31

You're dead. Find the 7 life orbs in this multi-layer world. Will it be sufficient?

The theme was "Entire Game on One Screen".

Disconnected Keyboard

Tiny game - Ludum Dare 30

The wiring in keyboards is a real mess, but, behind the scenes, you need to make it work.

The theme was "Connected Worlds".

Behind the Smile Face

Tiny game - Ludum Dare 29

You must pretend to be calm during a conversation while repelling your true thoughts.

The theme was "Beneath the surface".